Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Happy Joy Joy | Toys, Books, Gifts in Midtown Reno - Nevada

Happy Happy Joy Joy | Toys, Books, Gifts in Midtown Reno - Nevada
About the Crafty Mind who Refuses to Grow up:
Happy Happy Joy Joy the toy shop NOT just for kids. Reno native and local artist Heather Lee Jones created a toy store for tiny tots, cool kids, trendy teens, hipster parents and groovy grandparents who are looking for classic and collectible toys, retro games, novelty housewares, independently published books, unique baby gifts, and more!

Ms. Jones was the Advertising Director for Big Brother Skateboarding Magazine, which kicked off the Jackass franchise. She even hosted at her home the definitive Jackass episode “Backyard BBQ” that was banned from MTV. She later took the position of Associate Producer (as Heather Roach) for Jackass spin-off, The Wild Boyz before relocating to Austin, Texas where she was the Registrar for the Austin School of Film. Since moving back to Reno Ms. Jones participated in NadaDada 2010, was voted into the Raw Artist 2011 semi-finals, and sold original art and refurbished/repurposed furniture at Junkee Clothing Exchange’s Antique Mall. Also known as Daisy Mae Damage, Ms. Jones skated banked and flat track roller derby for the L.A. Derby Dolls, TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls—the league featured on A&E’s reality TV series Rollergirls—and the Reno Rollergirls. As co-captain of TXRD’s Cherry Bombs, she appeared in the film “Leave it on the Track” which documented the Cherry Bombs’ bid for the TXRD Calvello Cup Championships in 2009.

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