Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oxygen Treatments
Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen Therapy Oxygen remedy is any supplemental process that increases the available oxygen content in the body. . Remedies may also include processes that enhance the body's ability to use oxygen or promote oxygen absorption. Many of these oxygen therapies are expensive, and should be administered by a licensed medic: Bottled Oxygen— often prescribed as an inhalation therapy for severe bronchial and other respiratory problems Ozone Therapy— by and large is infused rectally or intra¬venously, primarily used to increase blood oxygenation, circulation,proper circulation, immunity, and to get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi; ozone oxygen is highly unstable and can be highy toxicif not administered properly « Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) Therapy- Hydrogen peroxide is produced in the bloodstream to help to control bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, and other invading pathogens. The ingestion of H2O2 is controversial because it can initiate an adverse outcome in the digestive tract excess hydrogen results in an unbalanced pH, and may cause to form very unwantedfree radicals,- this remedy should be done only under the supervision of health care professional Breathing Exercises— thought to increase lung capability, which transfers more oxygen to the bloodstream.many individuals become shallow breathers and therefore disciplines such as yoga and other classes on proper breathing techniquescan be very beneficial Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy— involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber; this remedy saturates tissues and cells with oxygen, and was was originally produced to treat divers and aviators for decompression sickness and air embolisms Many treatments and products tend to flood the body with oxy¬gen, often creating dangerous oxygen free radicals, and can result in oxidative injury to biologic systems, according to Professors Ghatak and Chandra (Complementary Medicine, P. 13, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1998). Cellfood Dietary Supplement— Making Cellfood a part of your daily intakeis the easiest and most cost effective form of oxygen it's the one form that does not create free radicals;in fact it actually uses them to create more stable oxygen.


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