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Discover Two Great Techniques to Astral Project
Discover Two Great Techniques to Astral Project
Reliable astral projection strategies are quite tough to come by, this is due to the fact that of the reality that very few people practice it, and those that do, aren't really keen on sharing their discoveries. After all, it is a journey of self discovery and each individual practicing it has his/her own distinct strategies. For those who are interested in the practice however, not all is lost as there are lots of posts (like this one) that will be able to provide you with something to start with.

The two strategies that will be pointed out below are targeted for newbies, which indicate that while they could not actually be able to get you floating out of your body soon enough they will still prove to be excellent starting points. So without any more delays, below are two beneficial approaches that you can try in the house.

Stretch Out Strategy:.
This strategy will require you to envision that you whole body is stretching out. Before starting, it is essential that you find a quiet place where you will be able to pull all of you thoughts and concentration together. The smallest of diversions will result in the failure of this working out, which is why you should pick the place first before you can start. While 30 minutes will be excellent enough for the stretch out strategy, you can extend it longer if you 'd like.

As you lie down, start envisioning that your body is starting to stretch out. Envision your feet beginning to stretch and increase in length and size by a few inches. As soon as you have efficiently done this, pause for a moment and envision them returning to regular state. Now, move into other parts of your body envisioning them stretching and afterwards pausing and returning them to their regular state.

After this initial process of the astral projection strategies has been done efficiently, start stretching your body parts even further and bigger each time up until you can envision yourself filling out the entire room.

Stay relaxed and calm throughout the working out, rate your breathing to establish a continuous relaxed mood. After a few tries of this, it will become possible for you to feel as if you are floating and rising out of your body.

Hammock Strategy:.
While normally considered to be a relaxation approach, the hammock strategy can also be made use of for attaining out of body experience for the newbies. Normally developed around breathing and relaxation approaches, the hammock strategy will help newbies reach a higher state of awareness much faster.

To start, concentrate on your breathing and as your body starts to relax and your breathing enters a steady rhythm, image yourself lying in a hammock as it sways back and forth. Try to feel everything within the experience. The wind blowing across your body, the peaceful background, the endless horizon - everything. Repeat the process up until you can feel the vibrations of the whole image, this is an excellent symptom of pre projection.

Aside from the two pointed out above, you will also be able to find other astral projection strategies from other sites. Try to discover as much as you can first in the past starting. Bear in mind that not every strategy will work for you, which is why you should discover some of the other strategies too.

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